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In Venice

In Venice

Feasts in Venice Italy

All feasts taking place in Venice during the year: the Carnival, the Feast of San Marco, the Festa della Sensa, the Vogalonga, the Feast of the Redeemer, the Historical Regatta, the Salute Festival. Dates, times, information and history of the most important festivals in Venice.

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12 february - 1 march: Carnival --------- 11 march - 23 october, Casa dei Tre Oci: exhibition Sabine Weiss. La poesia dell'istante --------- 9 april - 26 september, Museo Guggenheim: exhibition Surrealismo e magia. La modernità incantata --------- 23 april - 27 november, Giardini and Arsenale: 59° Biennale of Art --------- 25 april: San Marco Feast--------- 28 may - 5 june: Salone Nautico --------- 5 june: Vogalonga --------- 24 june- 3 july: 50° Biennale of Theatre --------- 3° sunday of july: Redentore Feast --------- 22 - 31 july: 16° Biennale of Dance --------- 31 august - 10 september: 79° Movie Festival --------- 4 september: Historical Regatta --------- 14 - 25 september: 66° Biennale of Music --------- 23 october: 26° Venice Marathon --------- 21 november: Salute Feast
Capodanno a Venezia New Year's Eve in Venice - Venice

Feast on December 31st and January 1st

The New Year in Venice has been synonymous with Piazza San Marco for many years; here, in fact, there are thousands of people who choose Venice to celebrate the beginning of the new year.
Venice Carnival Venice Carnival - City of Venice

Feast from February 16th to March 5th 2019

The Venice Carnival is one of the most felt and experienced parties both by the Venetians and by the many visitors who arrive every year in the city from all over the world. It lasts 18 days and ends with the classic fat days, the culmination of the Venice Carnival.

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San Marco Feast in Venice San Marco Feast - Saint Mark's Square - Venice

Feast on April 25th

The Feast of San Marco celebrates the patron saint of the city with a procession of religious and civil authorities in Piazza San Marco. But in Venice it is also the party of lovers who exchange a rose (the bocolo).
Sensa Feast in Venice Festa della Sensa - Bacino San Marco - Venezia

Feast on June 1st and 2nd 2019, Ascension Day

With the Festa della Sensa Venezia renews - with the rite of the marriage with the sea - its link with the water element, thus recalling the centuries-old history that saw it starring in the seas in countless events.
Vogalonga Feast Vogalonga - Venice and lagoon

Feast on June 9th 2019

La Vogalonga is a day of great celebration for the rowing tradition of the city; racers from all over the world animate the canals of Venice and the lagoon for a journey of more than 40 km to do without the help of the engine rigorously.
Feast of  Redentore in Venice Redentore Feast - Saint Mark's Basin - Venice

Feast on 3rd saturday and sunday of July

The Feast of the Redentore is one of the most awaited events by the citizens; swarms of different types of boats arrive in front of the San Marco Basin for the expected event of fireworks. The less fortunate find space on the banks of the canals where they party until late.
Historical Regatta in Venice Historical Regatta - Saint Mark's Basin - Venice

Feast on 1st sunday of September

The Venice Historic Regatta is certainly a singular event due to the uniqueness of its location and the taste of ancient history that is handed down to each edition. The city enjoys the procession of water on the Grand Canal waiting for the challenge of the champions of the oar held in the lagoon in the late afternoon.
Salute Feast Venice Salute Feast - Salute Church in Dorsoduro - Venice

Feast on November 21st

The Venice Health Day is celebrated in November to commemorate the end of the plague in 1631, through the intercession of the Virgin invoked by the Doge a year before. The Dorsoduro district is tinged with a party for the little ones with lots of sweets and the Chiesa della Salute is half of the pilgrimage of the population passing by on the votive bridge on the Grand Canal built specifically for the ceremony.

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