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Vogalonga in Venice: June 9th 2019

Vogalonga of Venice: hours, date, history and useful information.
Vogalonga Venice
The beginning of Vogalonga in Saint Mark's Basin

La Vogalonga is a day of great celebration for the rowing tradition of the city; racers from all over the world animate the canals of Venice and the lagoon for a journey of more than 40 km to do without the help of the engine rigorously.

In recent years, the Vogalonga has now become an international festival capable of attracting crews from rowing stations all over the world to the lagoon. And there are many types of boats, strictly rowing, that parade through the city of Venice.

The entries for Vogalonga 2019, which will take place on June 9th, are well, indeed, very good.

The route of the Vogalonga

The departure is as always from the incredible setting of the San Marco Basin just in front of the Palazzo Ducale and proceed towards Sant'Elena, bypassing it and leaving the Isola delle Vignole on the right. From here we proceed to the lagoon, leaving Sant'Erasmo, San Francesco del Deserto on the right, reaching the island of Burano. Going north you enter the Mazzorbo canal to return to Venice. Along the route to Murano, we will run along the ruins of Madonna del Monte and San Giacomo in Paludo. In Murano the path winds along the Grand Canal and continues towards the Fondamente Nove where it turns to enter the Canale di Cannaregio and then left into the Grand Canal. Here the court party parades under the Rialto Bridge and the Accademia Bridge, in front of a celebrating public and in front of the marvelous buildings of the Grand Canal, to finish the procession in front of Punta della Dogana, in San Marco.

Registration to Vogalonga

To participate you must be over 16 or under 16 but accompanied by an adult who exercises parental authority. They can register all types of boats that have rowing propulsion.

To register, please refer to the official website.

Swaying and launching of boats

The boats can be put in water at the Scalo Fluviale del Tronchetto where a crane will be available to the sailors (for a fee). Swaying and launching will be carried out by two 12-meter piers specially designed for Vogalonga participants.

Refreshment Points

There is an official refreshment point at Burano at the entrance to the Mazzorbo Canal and another immediately after arrival. But like every popular event every year other points dedicated to the refreshment of the sailors are born.

First Aid Points

Every year there are also points where boats are positioned dedicated to assistance to the sailors, both from the part of the order and from the medical staff.

Numbers of Vogalonga

- Boats: around 2,000 - Participants: approximately 8,000


The event took place in May 1975 at the behest of some Venetian docs with the intent of re-evaluating the use of the rowing boat in a lagoon now more and more populated with motorboats. Already the first edition was a success and over the years the Vogalonga acquired more and more followers reaching the regatta of more than 1500 rowing boats in the last editions.

The event has always been attended by rowing delegations coming from the Adriatic coast, all united to reiterate the importance of the Venetian rowing tradition.

The departure is in S.Marco Basin with direction Sant'Elena from where you reach the Vignole, Sant'Erasmo and San Francesco del Deserto. The caravan then reaches Burano, Mazzorbo, Madonna del Monte and San Giacomo in Paludo from where you return to Venice entering the Grand Canal of Murano. Once in Venice you pass through the Cannaregio canal and turn left into the Grand Canal for the classic parade under the Rialto Bridge and towards the Punta della Dogana in front of San Marco where the route ends.

To register, please refer to the official website.

Web site: Vogalonga

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