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In Venice

- Venice Events 2020 -

CARNIVAL - February 8th - 16th
EASTER - April 21st
FESTA DI S. MARCO - April 25th
58° BIENNALE OF ARCHITECTURE - May 29th - November 29th
SENSA FEAST - May 23rd and 24th
FESTA DEL REDENTORE - 3° sunday of July
77° FESTIVAL DEL CINEMA - September 2nd - 12th
REGATA STORICA - September 6th
35° VENICE MARATHON - October 25th
FESTA DELLA SALUTE - November 21st
CAPODANNO - December 31st

In Venice Today is a web portal of Venice Italy

Venice is one of the charmest destination. Through photos and texts you will discover the treasures of civic and private museums, current exhibitions, the history and architecture of the churches and the paintings preserved inside. Beside information on events, restaurants, hotels, apartments in Venice. Finally, night bars and clubs and concerts in the cities of Venice and Mestre.

February 26th: just 9 the Coronavirus cases in Venice and Mstre --------- February 24th: Coronavirus: closed schools, universities, museums until March 1st --------- March 23rd 2020, Stanze del Vetro, Isola di San Giorgio: opening of the exhibition "Venice and American Studio Glass"
Water taxi Airport Marco Polo to VeniceWater taxi Airport Marco Polo ↔ Your Venice accommodation - Venice city and lagoon

The Venice water taxi is certainly the quickest way to get to the center of Venice coming from the Airport Marco Polo. A private taxi could cost about 120 euros but it's possible to share a taxi for 33 euros each person.
Our clients will reach their accommodation with a pleasant trip sailing on the lagoon and finally admiring Venice from the taxi. But most of all clients will avoid cues of public transport service.
Gondola Ride Tours Venice ItalyGondola Ride Tours - Grand Canal and other canals in the centre of Venice

All the kind of Gondola rides we can offer you: shared gondola ride, private gondola ride, with music and singer, with a final dinner in various restaurants or a gondola ride followed by a visit to Doges Palace or St Mark Basilica.
Gondola Venice ItalyGondola Venice - Origin, history and present time of the gondola of Venice

What's the meaning and the origin of the word, when it was invented and so on. Everything you want to know about the gondola. Finally the most successfull present time of the gondola.
Museum of Doge's Palace Venice Museum of Doge's Palace - Piazza San Marco 1, San Marco - Venice

Splendid example of Gothic civil architecture and at the same time of reuse of the ancient material provided by the many colonies of the Serenissima, as well as of Renaissance interventions such as the imposing Scala dei Giganti by Antonio Rizzo or the decorations by Lombardo. It summarizes a thousand years of history and it was the seat of power as evidenced by the Sala del Maggior Consiglio, the Sala del Senato and the Sala del Collegio with the famous paintings by Tintoretto, Tiziano and Veronese. Doge's apartments and famous prisons can also be visited.
Gondola Ride Tours Venice ItalySaint Mark's Square Tours - Saint Mark's Square - Venice

All the tours taking place in Saint Mark's Square we can offer you: visit the Basilica or the Doge's Palace or both of them and see also the Correr Collection of Painting. Or combine a monument of the square with a walking tour or with a gondola ride.
Murano Private Boat Guided Tour

Murano, Burano and Torcello Self App Guided Tour - Murano, Burano and Torcello - Venice Lagoon

Book Now!

Fare: € 32 per person.

This tour permits to take a tour of the most famous islands by yourself with an explicative App leading you to discover the monuments and their history, the ancient legacy of these places and some tidbits to better enjoy the visit to Murano, Burano and Torcello.
The fare includes the App and the daily public boat ticket (24 hours) to visit the islands and to enjoy it until it expires by going wherever you want.
Venice Carnival The Banksy of Venice - City of Venice

Appeared on May 9th 2019

The night between 8 and 9 May in Venice appears a graffiti made with the stencil technique. The news bounces all over the planet thinking immediately of Banksy, the most enigmatic contemporary artist; he does not confirm at first, then he shows up in the city to sell his paintings to San Marco, being expelled by the police, finally on 24 May 2019 he confirms the paternity of the child-migrant. .
Ristorante Al Giardinetto Venezia Restaurant Al Giardinetto Da Severino - Salizada Zorzi (Ruga Giuffa), Castello 4928 - Venice

The Restaurant Al Giardinetto da Severino, listed among the "Historic Venues of the Veneto", since the beginning of the '900 offers its guests typical dishes of Venetian cuisine.

Hours: Closed on thursday.
Phone: +39.041.5285332; fax +39.041.5238778
Sito web: Al Giardinetto Da Severino
Ristorante Antico Dolo Venezia Restaurant Antico Dolo - Ruga Rialto, San Polo 778, Venice

The Restaurant Antico Dolo serves fresh fish every day from the nearby Rialto Market. His achievements have earned him important awards such as the Grand Gourmet of the Michelin Guide.

Hours: all day.
Phone: +39.041.5226546
Web: Antico Dolo
Ristorante Antico Dolo Venezia Pasticceria Serenissima -  Via Miranese, 186/H - Mestre Venice

The Pasticceria Serenissima, managed by the Pizzato family for over 40 years, represents the best pastry and ice-cream tradition. From the experience comes the rigor of our artisan quality, appreciated by the most refined and refined customers.

Hours:  dalle 6.45 alle 22.00.
Phone: +39.041.912373
Web: Pasticceria Serenissima
Osteria Lupo Nero MestreOsteria Lupo Nero - Via G. Ferro, 21 - Mestre Venice

Osteria Lupo Nero is open for lunch and dinner and serves fresh fish cicheti from the nearby market. In the restaurant menu you will find traditional Venetian dishes chosen according to the seasonality of the products and ingredients.
Mc Onor Pub MestreMcOnor Pub - Piazza Ferretto, 75 - Mestre Venice

The McOnor Pub, which is also a restaurant and pizzeria, is open for lunch and dinner and serves snacks, sandwiches and pizzas in the central Piazza Ferretto. In addition to 6 draft beer lines there is also a large selection of bottled beers.

Phone: +39.041.940009
Web: Mc Onor
Fe stea Venezia Feasts in Venice

The feasts of Venice Italy from Carnival to New Year's Eve.

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