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In Venice

In Venice
12 february - 1 march: Carnival --------- 11 march - 23 october, Casa dei Tre Oci: exhibition Sabine Weiss. La poesia dell'istante --------- 9 april - 26 september, Museo Guggenheim: exhibition Surrealismo e magia. La modernità incantata --------- 23 april - 27 november, Giardini and Arsenale: 59° Biennale of Art --------- 25 april: San Marco Feast--------- 28 may - 5 june: Salone Nautico --------- 5 june: Vogalonga --------- 24 june- 3 july: 50° Biennale of Theatre --------- 3° sunday of july: Redentore Feast --------- 22 - 31 july: 16° Biennale of Dance --------- 31 august - 10 september: 79° Movie Festival --------- 4 september: Historical Regatta --------- 14 - 25 september: 66° Biennale of Music --------- 23 october: 26° Venice Marathon --------- 21 november: Salute Feast

Venezia Unica City Pass

The Venezia Unica City Pass: the included services in the card and the useful information.

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Venezia Unica City Pass - the card that allows you to take advantage of the major tourist services in the city of Venice.

Venezia Unica City Pass is the pass for the visitor to Venice who wants to take advantage of all the possibilities and services during the visit to the city having preferential access to the main museums, foundations or the most beautiful churches in Venice. The card also includes public transport services to move comfortably in Venice and its lagoon.

The services included in the Venezia Unica City Pass:

- unlimited use of public transport (navigation and car lines)

- free entry to all the Venetian Civic Museums without queuing

- free entry to the 16 major Churches of Venice included in the Chorus Circuit

- free admission to the Querini Stampalia Foundation and to the Jewish Museum

- admission with reduced price to the Venice exhibitions

- discounts in the main car parks, suggestions for excursions and leisure time

- 2 entrances a day in the toilets and nursery in the city

- a map of the city in an environmentally friendly package

For each purchase of Venezia Unica City Pass you will receive a free kit. The kit includes:

- a map of Venice

- a guide for using the Venezia Unica City Pass and information on all included services

- a practical case to insert all the reminders of your holiday

The Venezia Unica City Pass can be purchased in all ACTV ticket sales for motor and navigation public transport, at the ATVO and ALILAGUNA branches of the Venice airport and at the ATVO headquarters of the Treviso airport. On land and on islands it can be purchased in all APT offices and ACTV branches.

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