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Venice Airport Nicelli in Lido Venice

The Airport Nicelli in Lido Venice: services and useful information.

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Lido Airport of Venice ItalyNicelli Venice Airport - Lido of Venice

The Nicelli airport of the Lido of Venice is located in the north of the island and has a grass track of 994x45 m. The airport also offers helipad service with grass landing area (25x35 m).

The terminal building dates back to 1935 and gives the Nicelli Airport an unmistakable historic atmosphere so much that the BBC has included it among the top 10 most beautiful airports in the world.

Airplanes, ultralights and helicopters that also come from abroad and extra Schengen countries pass through Nicelli Airport.

Nicelli Airport timetable in Lido di Venezia

Summer from the end of March to the end of October from 7.00 to 17.00 UTC.

Winter from the end of October 2018 to March from 8.00 to 16.00 UTC.

Beyond operating hours and until sunset, the Airport remains open only upon request and with a surcharge.

Only VFR: airplanes, advanced ultralights and helicopters.

No limitation for helicopters: 24 hours on request

Closed on Tuesday. During the airport operating hours, please call the air.

Hangar at Nicelli Airport in Venice Lido

The aircraft can be placed inside the hangar on request for a price of € 30 per night for aircraft weighing less than 2 tons and for € 50 for aircraft weighing more than 2 tons. The price is reduced starting from the second night.

Advance booking is recommended given the limited availability in the hangar.

During heavy summer storms, the shed is done for free.

Gasoline available at Nicelli Airport in Lido Venice

- Avgas 100LL, € 2.75 per liter

- JetA1, € 1.75 per liter

Offers to fly from the Nicelli Airport of Venice Lido

Nicelli Airport offers offers to experience the thrill of the flight:

- by helicopter over the lagoon with the choice of 3 flights of different duration and mileage.

- in an airplane with the offer Pilot for a day that includes a mini course on the ground and the flight with a pilot who will pass the commands for the first maneuvers in flight.

Bicycle rental at Nicelli Airport in Venice

The airport also has a bicycle rental for the modest price of € 6 per day. History of Nicelli Airport in Venice Lido

Nicelli Airport also has an Art Deco style bar and restaurant with a terrace.

History of Nicelli Airport

In 1915, when Italy entered the war, Venice became a strategic objective and, due to its evident cultural value, the need to defend it from a possible air attack was immediately clear. The French government offered some airplanes for the protection of the city and the Italian State willingly agreed to set up the garrison for the French patrol in the Bazzera camp near Mestre. However, the distance between Mestre and Venice, although reduced, did not facilitate the air intervention against the enemies, so the Navy Command, responsible for the defense of Venice, made it possible to obtain a landing strip in the Fort of S. Nicolò at the Lido.

After some works of expansion, the first nucleus of the Nicelli Airport saw the light. The airport, thanks to the activity of the company Transadriatica S.A., became in 1926 the first civil airport in Italy with flights mainly on Vienna.

Nicelli then experienced a phase of decline for the transfer of air traffic to the Treviso and Tessera airports.

Since the 90s of the twentieth century, the airport had a new vital phase, culminating in upgrading works in the inauguration of a new control tower (2008). The airport today operates mainly in the field of private and sports aviation.

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