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In Venice

In Venice
12 february - 1 march: Carnival --------- 11 march - 23 october, Casa dei Tre Oci: exhibition Sabine Weiss. La poesia dell'istante --------- 9 april - 26 september, Museo Guggenheim: exhibition Surrealismo e magia. La modernità incantata --------- 23 april - 27 november, Giardini and Arsenale: 59° Biennale of Art --------- 25 april: San Marco Feast--------- 28 may - 5 june: Salone Nautico --------- 5 june: Vogalonga --------- 24 june- 3 july: 50° Biennale of Theatre --------- 3° sunday of july: Redentore Feast --------- 22 - 31 july: 16° Biennale of Dance --------- 31 august - 10 september: 79° Movie Festival --------- 4 september: Historical Regatta --------- 14 - 25 september: 66° Biennale of Music --------- 23 october: 26° Venice Marathon --------- 21 november: Salute Feast

People Mover: public service transport of Venice

The People Mover of Venice: rides, hours, fares and useful information.

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Buy tickets Actv water bus Venice

Same price of ticket counter. 1 ticket: 75 minutes € 9,50; 24 hours € 25; 48 hours € 35; 72 hours € 45; 7 days € 65.

Photo by Luca Fascia "(C) riproduzione vietata"
The People Mover of Venice is an underground funicular that connects the Isola del Tronchetto (car parks, bus stop area, departure for the Lido) to Piazzale Roma (starting point of the major tourist itineraries), passing through the intermediate stop of Marittima (stop cruise ships). The service is offered by ASM for € 1.50. The frequency of the races is every 7 minutes.

The route has two bridges over the Tronchetto and Santa Chiara canals and some stops built in a modern architectural style using glass, steel and wood; in the stops there are lifts for the disabled and a system of escalators for pedestrians.

The shuttle entered service on 19 April 2010, guaranteeing a connection with the Isola del Tronchetto - home to car parks, the fish market and ferry boat islands - in about 3 minutes. In this way, the time necessary to reach an island that in the future of Venice seems increasingly necessary for the decongestion of the now inadequate terminal of Piazzale Roma has been reduced considerably.

The project was started in 2007 and completed in 2 years with a cost of € 13.41 million charged to the ASM, which received a concession from the Municipality for 20 years for the recovery of the investment. .

The cost of the ticket (different from that for vehicles or water) is € 1.50. Monthly subscription rates for € 15 are also available. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines located inside the stations.

The service connects all users of cruise ships arriving in Vanezia (Costa Crociere, Carnival).

People Mover Times

- from April to October: weekdays from 7.00 to 23.00. Holidays from 8.00 to 22.00.

- from November to March: weekdays from 7.00 to 23.00. Holidays from 8.30 to 21.00.

Purchase of People Mover tickets in Venice

Tickets for the Venice People Mover can be purchased online on this page:

Tickets People Mover Venice

Ticket prices

- Simple ride: € 1.50 € issued by the automatic cash desks in the three stations of the plant.
- 75 minute bus ride: € 1.50 €.
- Single ride 75 minutes: € 1.50.
- 100 minute single ride: € 2.
- Carnet 10 single rides 75 minutes: € 14.
- Carnet 10 single rides 100 minutes: € 19.

Subscription rates

The monthly or annual subscription (students or ordinary) to the Single Network allows the use of the People Mover.

- People Mover monthly subscription: € 20.
- People Mover annual subscription: € 200.

Subscription supplements

- Monthly Islands Resident Subscription, for a supplement to the Autobus or Navigation network (extraurban network subscribers) € 5 per month.
- Annual Island Residents Subscription, for a supplement to the Autobus or Navigation network (Extraurban network subscribers) € 60 yearly.

Web site: People Mover Venice

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