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In Venice

In Venice
12 february - 1 march: Carnival --------- 11 march - 23 october, Casa dei Tre Oci: exhibition Sabine Weiss. La poesia dell'istante --------- 9 april - 26 september, Museo Guggenheim: exhibition Surrealismo e magia. La modernità incantata --------- 23 april - 27 november, Giardini and Arsenale: 59° Biennale of Art --------- 25 april: San Marco Feast--------- 28 may - 5 june: Salone Nautico --------- 5 june: Vogalonga --------- 24 june- 3 july: 50° Biennale of Theatre --------- 3° sunday of july: Redentore Feast --------- 22 - 31 july: 16° Biennale of Dance --------- 31 august - 10 september: 79° Movie Festival --------- 4 september: Historical Regatta --------- 14 - 25 september: 66° Biennale of Music --------- 23 october: 26° Venice Marathon --------- 21 november: Salute Feast

Venice water bus vaporetto Line 5.2

The Venice waterbus navigation line 5.2: the route, the map, the stops, the timetables, the ticket prices for residents and tourists.

Buy boat tickets Venice

Buy all tickets of public transports Actv of Venice in advance Buy all tickets of public transports Actv in advance!

Buy tickets Actv water bus Venice

Same price of ticket counter: 1 single € 7,50; 24 hours € 21; 48 hours € 30; 72 hours € 40; 7 days € 60.

The Service for buying tickets Actv allows to buy all tickets in advance to move around the historic center of Venice and sail to the islands of the lagoon. You can collect your ticket at the Piazzale Roma ticket office (bus terminal) or skip the queue by typing the voucher number at any Venezia Unica self-service ticket machine.

Venice water bus vaporetto Line 5.2
Water bus Line 5.2 vaporetto Venice - Lido, San Marco, Zattere, Piazzale Roma, Guglie, Fondamente Nove, Lido

In Venice, the ACTV Line 5.2 public transport waterbus is a city-run line that operates a passenger transport service from the Lido to Venice, the historic center and back.

Buy boat tickets Venice

Route Line 5.2 Venice waterbus

From the Lido it stops at the Sant'Elena and Giardini stops before arriving at San Marco and proceeding along the Giudecca Canal towards the Zattere and Piazzale Roma. Turning towards the Guglie and Fondamente Nove, turn the city up to the Certosa before returning to the Lido.

Line 5.2 Actv VeniceLine 5.2 Lido S.M.E. → San Marco → Zattere → Piazzale Roma → Fondamente Nove → Lido S.M.E.


Runs every 20 minutes from 5.52 to 00.22 (last run from Lido S.M.E). From 19.52 to 22.42 limited runs to Fondamente Nove. From 23.02 to 00.22 limited rides to Ferrovia.

Click here for the ACTV table with the timetables of all Line 5.2 stops

Here you buy with the same price as the Ticket Office: 1 single € 7.50; 24 hours € 21; 2 days € 30; 3 days € 40; 7 days € 60.

Buy boat tickets Venice

You can choose the ticket valid for 75 minutes, 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours. Once bought, pick it up at the ticket office in Piazzale Roma (car and bus terminal) from 7.00 to 19.30.

- Show your smartphone voucher and collect a paper ticket at the Venezia Unica ticket office in Piazzale Roma; alternatively, enter the voucher number at any Venezia Unica self-service ticket machine.

- The validity of your tickets begins at the time of validation and ends at the same time (not at the end of the day)

What the service includes

- Instant ticket delivery.
- Smartphone tickets are accepted.
- Wheelchair accessible: wheelchair users pay € 1.50 and their carers will get a free ticket.
- Unlimited use of public transport (vaporetti and ACTV buses) in the city of Venice.
- Unlimited use of water buses and buses in Lido, islands of the lagoon and mainland (Mestre, Marghera).

Does not include the ACTV service to / from Marco Polo Airport, vaporetto lines 16, 19 and 21, Casinò and Alilaguna lines.

Places of cultural interest near the Line 5.2 Venice water bus stops

Lido: Liberty Villas Lido
Sant'Elena: Church of Sant'Elena
Giardini: Gardens and Biennale
S.Marco S.Zaccaria: Church of S.Zaccaria, Palazzo Ducale, Bridge of Sighs
Zattere: Church of Gesuati, Accademia's Galleries
Santa Marta: Church of S. Nicolò dei Mendicoli
Piazzale Roma: Church of Tolentini
Ferrovia: Church of Scalzi, Church of San Simeone Piccolo
Riva de Biasio: Natural Hitory Museum, Church of S.Giacomo
Guglie: Ghetto Ebraico
Tre Archi: Church of San Giobbe
S.Alvise: Church of Sant'Alvise
Orto: Church of Santa Maria dell'Orto
Fondamente Nove: Church of Gesuiti
Ospedale: Hospital, Scuola Grande of San Marco, Basilica S.S.Giovanni and Paolo
Celestia: Church of San Francesco della Vigna
Bacini Arsenale Nord: Arsenale
San Pietro: Church of San Pietro di Castello
Certosa: Certosa Island

Fares and purchase of ACTV tickets for Venice and Islands navigation lines

Rates are available for non-resident visitors and for residents of the Municipality of Venice. Buy early and skip the line!

Buy all tickets of public transports Actv of Venice in advance Boat Tickets. Coming to Venice? Book in advance and skip the line!

Buy tickets Actv water bus Venice

Same price of ticket counter: 1 single € 7,50; 24 hours € 21; 48 hours € 30; 72 hours € 40; 7 days € 60.

Fares for tourists and not residents

- Single ride € 7.50
- 24 hours € 21
- 48 hours € 30
- 72 hours € 40
- 7 days € 60

Residents of the Municipality of Venice and usual visitors

For residents and those who come to Venice often - even residents outside the municipality - the Venezia Unica card is available, which allows you to load tickets and passes for navigation lines on paper.

Prices for activation of the Venezia Unica

- € 10 for residents of the Municipality of Venice
- € 20 for residents of the Veneto Region (only € 10 excluding navigation)
- € 100 for residents outside the Veneto Region (only € 10 excluding navigation)

Once the Venezia Unica card is activated, you can choose to load the various options for navigating and taking the buses.

Ticket prices

- single ticket valid for 75 minutes € 1.50
- single ticket valid 100 minutes € 2
- 10 journeys carnet valid 75 minutes € 14
- 10 journeys valid carnet 100 minutes € 19

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