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75 minutes ticket vaporetto water bus Venice: buy online in advance a daily pass and skip the line.

The Venice waterbus 75 minutes ticket: buy in advance and collect at the ticket office in Piazzale Roma or skip the line by typing the voucher number in the Venezia Unica self-service ticket machines.

Buy boat tickets Venice

Biglietteria automatica del Vaporetto Venezia
75 minutes ticket vaporetto water bus Venice - Buy online in advance and skip the line!

Buy boat tickets Venice

For tourists and non-residents there are various types of ACTV tickets to choose from depending on the length of stay in the city or the use of the vaporetto you want to do.
The vaporetto allows you to move around the historic center of Venice and navigate to the islands of the lagoon.

The � 7.50 ticket entitles you to use the service for 75 minutes, i.e. one or at most 2 rides in the lagoon. But it can also be mounted on buses. So, for example, for tourists who stay in Mestre and want to reach a destination in Venice it is comfortable and practical.

Timed tickets do not include connections with Marco Polo Airport.

The day ticket expires 75 minutes after the first validation.

Tickets allow you to move around the lagoon from Chioggia to Punta Sabbioni including all the major islands reached by the service: Murano, Burano, Torcello, Sant'Erasmo, Certosa, Lido, Pellestrina.

Important: children are exempt from paying the ticket up to 5 years. From the age of 6 they must have a travel document like adults. Children can only travel if accompanied by an adult.

All types of Venice vaporetto water bus tickets

Ticket duration 75 minutes € 7,50
Unlimited rides ticket for 24 hours € 21
Unlimited rides ticket for 48 hours € 30
Unlimited rides ticket for 72 hours € 40
Unlimited rides ticket for 7 days € 60

Here you buy with the same price as the Ticket Office: 1 single € 7.50; 24 hours € 21; 2 days € 30; 3 days € 40; 7 days € 60.

Buy boat tickets Venice

You can choose the ticket valid for 75 minutes, 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours. Once bought, pick it up at the ticket office in Piazzale Roma (car and bus terminal) from 7.00 to 19.30.

- Show your smartphone voucher and collect a paper ticket at the Venezia Unica ticket office in Piazzale Roma; alternatively, enter the voucher number at any Venezia Unica self-service ticket machine.

- The validity of your tickets begins at the time of validation and ends at the same time (not at the end of the day)

What the service includes

– Instant ticket delivery.
– Smartphone tickets are accepted.
– Wheelchair accessible: wheelchair users pay € 1.50 and their carers will get a free ticket.
– Unlimited use of public transport (vaporetti and ACTV buses) in the city of Venice.
– Unlimited use of water buses and buses in Lido, islands of the lagoon and mainland (Mestre, Marghera).

Vaporetto ticket validation

Once you have bought your vaporetto ticket, you must remember to validate it before entering the landing stage by passing it in front of the special digital machines until you get the correct sound signal with green light.
The main stops have access gates but the secondary stops do not have them and you could forget to validate the ticket and face an unpleasant fine.
The obligation to validate the travel ticket is active on each journey also for timed tickets and season tickets.

Actv water bus tickets Venice

Useful information before boarding the vaporetto in Venice

Venice vaporetto dock

What the vaporetto ticket includes

In addition to the journey, the vaporetto ticket entitles you to board with your luggage. Each person can bring on board the following items of their choice:

- two bags or parcels not exceeding cm. 120 as the sum of the three dimensions.
- a musical instrument within the size of cm. 120.
- a fishing rod contained in a special case (max 5).
- A pair of skis.
- a shopping cart for home use.
- a folding bicycle stored in special cases.
- a pram or stroller for children only when folded.

Disabili e Vaporetto Venezia The vaporetto for disabled people

People with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs can comfortably get on board as the landing stages or pontoons have sufficiently wide courses for passage. In addition, some main stops have also set up a special service for the boarding of people with reduced mobility. Furthermore, if the disabled person has a companion, the latter does not pay for the ticket.

Take the vaporetto with children

In Venice, the islands and the Mainland, children are exempt from paying the ticket up to 5 years of age. From the age of 6 they must have a travel document like adults. Children can only travel if accompanied by an adult.

Strollers are transported free on board - one per passenger - but with the obligation to fold them.

Take the vaporetto with animals

The transport of animals on board the vaporetto is free of charge in the maximum number of one per passenger with the following conditions:

- guide dogs for the blind, wearing a muzzle, as required by current legislation;
- dogs must be kept on a leash or in their arms and muzzled, as required by current legislation;
- other small animals (cats, birds, etc.) as long as they are closed in special containers, cages or other small containers not exceeding 120 cm. as the sum of the three dimensions.
- for larger animals (up to dimensions not exceeding 150 cm as the sum of the three dimensions) the purchase of the ticket and the use of special containers, cages or other containers.
- specifically in the automotive service, small dogs as long as they are held in their arms and with a muzzle as required by current legislation.

The crew, sailor and captain, can however limit the access on board of animals in case of particular crowding of the boat or if the transport itself jeopardizes the safety of passengers.

Fares and purchase of ACTV tickets for Venice and Islands navigation lines

Rates are available for non-resident visitors and for residents of the Municipality of Venice. Buy early and skip the line!

Buy all tickets of public transports Actv of Venice in advance Boat Tickets. Coming to Venice? Book in advance and skip the line!

Buy tickets Actv water bus Venice

Same price of ticket counter. 1 ticket: 75 minutes € 9,50; 24 hours € 25; 48 hours € 35; 72 hours € 45; 7 days € 65.

Fares for tourists and not residents

- Single ride € 9.50
- 24 hours € 25
- 48 hours € 35
- 72 hours € 45
- 7 days € 65

Residents of the Municipality of Venice and usual visitors

For residents and those who come to Venice often - even residents outside the municipality - the Venezia Unica card is available, which allows you to load tickets and passes for navigation lines on paper.

Prices for activation of the Venezia Unica

- € 10 for residents of the Municipality of Venice
- € 20 for residents of the Veneto Region (only € 10 excluding navigation)
- € 100 for residents outside the Veneto Region (only € 10 excluding navigation)

Once the Venezia Unica card is activated, you can choose to load the various options for navigating and taking the buses.

Ticket prices

- single ticket valid for 75 minutes € 1.50
- single ticket valid 100 minutes € 2
- 10 journeys carnet valid 75 minutes € 14
- 10 journeys valid carnet 100 minutes € 19

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