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Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon on May 25th 2019

The Moonlight Half Marathon of Venice: hours, date, cost of tickets and information.
Moonlight Half Marathon Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon

This year the 9th edition of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon, a competitive night race on a city and coastal circuit that touches some of the Jesolo beaches, a few kilometers from Venice.

The route winds all within the beautiful coastal cordon that is the Lido di Jesolo, between the lagoon of Venice and the Adriatic coast and leads the athletes to engage on the classic distance of the half marathon (21.097 Km).

Start from Piazza Milano and arrive in Piazza Milano, a circular route that leads to the Jesolo countryside, passing along the Canale Cavetta that leads up to the mouth of the Piave. Here the track follows the inland coast and then emerges on the beach where it runs for about 3 km before turning to Piazza Milano where the finish line is located.

The event is included in the national circuit and is organized by the Venice Marathon.

Registration fees for the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon

Up to 2000 subscribers 25
Up to 3000 subscribers 30
Up to 4500 subscribers 35

Registration at the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon

Registration online at

Participation requirements for the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon

According to the provisions of the Regulations for the Organization of Events issued by FIDAL (Edition 2019), all athletes belonging to one of the following categories may participate:

- Italian and foreign athletes with more than 18 years of FIDAL membership for the 2019 season.

- Italian and foreign athletes with more than 20 years registered for Sports Promotion Agencies (Athletics section) affiliated with FIDAL for the 2018 season and in possession of RUNCARD EPS *

- Italian and foreign athletes with more than 20 years in possession of Runcard Fidal and medical certificate for the competitive practice of athletic light sports valid at the date of the event. *

- Foreign athletes with more than 18 years of membership for foreign federations of athletics affiliated to the IAAF.

* These athletes must submit a copy of the medical certificate of fitness suitable for specific athletics valid at the date of the event.

Pick-up of the bibs of Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon

The bibs and the timing chip retire in person at the Moonlight Village which is located in Piazza Milano in Jesolo.

Departure time of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon

The departure is at 19.30 from Piazza Milano to Jesolo.

Maximum times for participants of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon>

At 10 km 1h15', at 15 km 1h55', at the finish line 2h45'.

Services in the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon

- 4 refreshment points (at km 5, 10, 15 and 20) with water, ProAction supplements and biscuits.
- 3 points with sponges (at 7.5 km, 12.5 and 17.5).
- musical groups will be present all along the way to animate the party and the runners.

Finish Line Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon

In the finish area there are changing rooms and showers, the refreshment area and medical assistance.

Final party of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon

A Moonlight Beach Party is provided for all participants who, thanks to the Party Card, will be able to get a 10% discount in the participating restaurants and clubs. The discount also applies to athletes' escorts.

Services for athletes of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon

- race bib with attached timing chip (to be returned at the end of the race)
- medical assistance.
- refreshment and sponge points along the way
- final refreshment point
- dressing room curtains on departure and arrival
- a toilet upon departure and upon arrival
- showers upon arrival
- tender pack containing gifts from sponsor companies and information materials
- timekeeping service and rankings
- dispatch of personal time results by e-mail
- participation medal (only for ranked athletes)
- participation diploma downloadable from the official website

Web: Moonligh Half Marathon

Honor Roll of the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon
2011 Ruggero Pertile (Ita) 1:07'17" Meryyem Lamachi (Ita) 1:16'.26"
2012 Robert Chemosin (Ken) 1:03'31" Giovanna Pizzato (Ita) 1:23'20"
2013 Wilson Busienei (Eau) 1:04'52" Hellen Jepkurgat (Ken) 1:11'52"
2014 Kisorio Hosea Kimeli (Ken) 1:04'28" Hellen Jepkurgat (Ken) 1:12'52"
2015 Faniel Eyob Ghebrehiwet (ITA) 1:05'34" Giovanna Pizzato (Ita) 1:19'09"
2016 Paul Tiongik (Ken) 1:03'39" Fatna Maraoui (Ita) 1:14'57"
2017 Rono Julius Kipngetich (Ken) 1:04'08" Pauline Eapan (Ken) 1:15'26"
2018 Shumay Mogo Solomon (EriI) 1:03'05" Leneha Jerotich (Ken) 1:14'14"

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