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Saint Mark's Basilica Tour and Gondola Ride Tour on Grand Canal (skipping the line)

A tour to visit the Saint Mark's Basilica in Saint Mark's Square of Venice followed by a Gondola Ride Tour on Grand Canal: the meeting point, hours, fares and prices, seasonality and useful information.

Saint Mark's Basilica Tour in Venice Italy
Saint Mark's Basilica's Tour with Gondola Ride Tour - Saint Mark's Square and Grand Canal - Venice

Saint Mark's Basilica's Tour and and Gondola Ride Tour: € 60 per person.

This tour introduces to the main religious monument of Venice that stay in Saint Mark's Square: the magnificent Saint Mark's Basilica, once the private chapel of the Doge and nowadays the Basilica of the city of Venice. and
The Basilica owns art jewels like the Pala D'Oro, a priceless goldsmith work dating back to the Byzantine period; the famous Four Horses (Roman or Ellenistic Sculptures) coming from the hippodrome of Constantinople.

This is a tour with an official guide of Venice and also includes the right to skip the line.

After the visit to the Saint Mark's Basilica you'll take a tour sitted on a gondola that will ride small channels of Saint Mark's area. Among the monuments to which the gondola will pass by there are the Teatro La Fenice, the Salute Church and Punta della Dogana.
Besides you'll see Palazzo Molin del Cuoridoro, the house where Mozarth stayed during the Carnival - from February 11th to March 12th of 1771 - where he also gave a concert the 5th of March.

This is a skip the line tour: you will directly get on the gondola without queueing!

The tour goes with an App that you can download to receive all the comments about historical spots and attractions while you're passing by.

Finally a free optional tour to see Glass Craftsman Demonstration by visiting a Glass Factory close to Saint Mark's square (20 minutes tour).

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Doges's Palace's Tour and Gondola Ride Tour's Price

Price per person: € 60. € 33 from 2 to 5 years old.
Free under 2 years old without occupying a seat on the gondola. No minimum participants.

St. Mark's Basilica's Tour

Built in the 8th century as a dogal chapel, the Basilica of San Marco represents today the proof of the great colonial expansion of Venice, as it is largely built with exhibition material, imported from the eastern colonies. The relic of the Saint Mark arrives on January 31st 828, stolen by two legendary Venetian merchants and navigators: Rustico da Torcello and Buono da Malamocco. It is said that in order to steal the body of San Marco the two merchants hid it under a load of pork that was able to pass through the customs without inspection because of the well-known contempt of Muslims for this food.
Its architecture was inspired by Santa Sofia Cathedral of Instanbul. It hosts the Pala d'oro, an exquisite example of byzantine goldsmith art with thousands of gems and stones.

Route of the Gondola Ride

The starting point is in front of Saint Mosè Church, 100 meters far from Saint Mark's Square; from here the gondola takes Rio de San Moisè to reach Rio dei Barcaroli where there's the Mozarth's House and then it passes by La Fenice Theatre. By riding the Rio de l'Alboro the gondola reaches the Grand Canal right in front of Santa Maria della Salute Church projected by Longhena and realized from 1631 and 1687.
After a brief path along the Canal Grande - where it possible to see Punta della Dogana and Saint Mark's Basilica it enters in Rio de Saint Mosè where the ride finishes.

Glass Craftsman Demonstration

Last stop of this tour is a Glass Craftsman Demonstration by visiting a Glass Factory nearby Saint Mark's square (20 minutes tour).

Hours and days of the Saint Mark's Basilica's Tour and Gondola Ride Tour

From Monday to Saturday at 11.00 a.m. (not available on Sunday, January 1st and 6th, April 25th, June 22th, August 15th, November 1st and 8th, December 25th and during unplanned religious celebrations).
From April to October also at 2:15 p.m.
– Meeting time for Saint Mark's Basilica: 10.30 a.m.
– Starting time for Saint Mark's Basilica: 10.45 a.m.
– Meeting time for Gondola Ride: 4.00 a.m.
– Starting time for Gondola Ride: 15.45 a.m.

Duration of Saint Mark's Basilica's Tour and Gondola Ride Tour

– Saint Mark's Basilica Tour at 11.00 a.m. and 30 minutes on the gondola. It ends at 01.00 p.m.

By choosing the visit to the Saint Mark's Basilica in the morning you'll have all the time for the visit until it begins the gondola ride.
By choosing the visit to the Saint Mark's Basilica in the afternoon you'll have only 1 hour for the visit.

Meeting point for Saint Mark's Basilica Tour in Saint Mark's Square

Once arrived in St. Mark's Square you'll meet your guide beside the Clock Tower (not the Bell Tower) nearby the Basilica. There's a money exchange in the corner and there you'll find our official guide with a sign with the written Tour.

Meeting point for Gondola Ride's Tour in Saint Mark's Square

The meeting point is in front of Correr Museum's entrance in Saint Mark's Square. Here you will see the Post office (Poste Italiane) on your left: our assistant will wait for you with a signboard in which is written "GONDOLA TOUR". From here the Gondoliers Station of Saint Moisè is 2 minutes walking from the meeting point.

Languages available for Saint Mark's Basilica's Tour

– From April to October: from Monday to Saturday English, French, Spanish and German. Italian only on Saturday.
– From November to March: English from Monday to Saturday - German on Monday and Friday - French on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - Spanish on Wednesday and Saturday.

Languages available in the App of Gondola Ride

The App providing all the information abouth historical spots along this tour is available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, RussianHindi.

What includes Saint Mark's Basilica's Tour and Gondola Ride Tour

– This is a shared guided tour with a qualified and experienced guide.
– Tickets "Skip the line" for St Mark's Basilica and the Pala D'oro (1 hour inside the Basilica); audio receiver devices are included in case of groups over 10 people.
– Clients enjoy part of explaination comfortably seated in the middle of the cathedral.
– Free sale until the beginning of the tour.

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Cancellation policy for Saint Mark's Basilica's Tour and Gondola Ride Tour

Reservations can be cancelled with no charge up to 24 hours before the tour. Tour doesn't operate in case of exceptional high tide or in case of unplanned religious functions (in these cases it can be postponed to the day after otherwise it will be refunded).

Accessibility and useful information for Saint Mark's Basilica's Tour and Gondola Ride Tour

– To enter to the Basilica proper clothing are required (no short or tank pops).
– This tour is not fully accessible for wheelchair users or people with walking disabilities.
– You should have the voucher where is written “service provided by Venice Tours Srl”.  Mobile vouchers are accepted.
– The tour could be shared with guests not belonging to the same party.
– Sacks, bags or knapsacks are not allowed inside the Basilica: prior to your visit you must deposit them at the Ateneo San Basso (St.Mark’s Square – Calle San Basso). The storage service is free of charge, but please allow sufficient time!
– Comfortable shoes suggested.
– Each gondola can host maximum 6 people.
– The seat aboard cannot be chosen but will be assigned by the gondolier depending of guest’s weight.
– The itinerary could change in case of wind or bad weather.

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