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Querini Stampalia

Castello, 5252 - Venice


All the major running exhibitions in Venice commented by art critics working in Venice: exhibitions' reviews and information about opening hours, tickets' price and running period!




Event from October 1st to December 5th 2015
"Sulle Tracce di Aldo."

An event dedicated to the most important editor of the XVI century, able to propose many editions of Greek classics thatnks to the collaboration of his famous group of intellectuals.


Running exhibition from October 15th 2014 to January 11th 2015
"C’era una volta la Russia. Lo sguardo di Ivan Glazunov."

A personal exhibition by Ruassina painter Ivan Glazunov. Moreover than paintings go on exhibition also some ancient clothes and popolar art objects belonging to the private collection of Glazunov.

Running exhibition from June 5ht to November 23rd 2014
"Nel segno di Carlo Scarpa"

An exhibition explores the relationship between Scarpa and other arquitects and artists who later left a signed in the space Carlo Scarpa inside Querini Stampalia Foundation.

Running exhibition from June 5th to September 29th 2014
"Lascia il tuo segno!"

An exhibition to understand the relationship between artists and architects and the Venitian master Carlo Scarpa.

Running exhibition from March 15th to May 18th 2014
"Haris Epaminonda. Chapter IV"

First personal exhibition in Italy of Cyprian artist Haris Epaminonda (1980, lives and works in Berlin).

Running exhibition from August 27th to October 27th 2013
"Imago Mundi"
Running exhibition from August 29th to November 11th 2012
"ÁLVARO SIZA. VIAGEM SEM PROGRAMA”. Drawns and portraits"
Running exhibition from September 22nd to October 7th 2012
"BSI Swiss Architectural Award 2007-2012:
una mostra, una tavola rotonda"
Running exhibition from May 16th to September 16th 2012
"MARISA MERZ, walk, walk, re-walk the imagine-thought that walks"
Running Exhibition from March 21st to May 24 2012
"People and Monasteries of Tibet"
Running Exhibition from May 31st to November 27th 2011
"Riccardo Schweizer. Painter, designer"

Running Exhibition from June 1st to September 18th 2011
"Marisa Merz. Non corrisponde eppur fiorisce"

Running Exhibition from March 16th to May 1st 2011
"Facciamo un ‘48! Il Risorgimento veneto a Palazzo Querini Stampalia"
Running Exhibition in June 2010
"Centenary of the birth of Egle Renata Trincanato
(Rome 1910 - Venice 1998)"
Running Exhibition from December 12th to March 27th 2011
"L'incanto dell'oro bianco. Porcellane dal Museo Marton"
Running Exhibition from January 29th to April 11th 2010
"Going around - Andar per vie"
by Pamela Breda and Marta Maldini
Running Exhibition from march 28th to May 30th 2010
"Anita Sieff - Order of sense"
Running Exhibition from December 9th 2009 to February 28th 2010
"Save it, look at it. The Earth is under your eyes and in your hands"
Running Event September 18th to October 11th 2009
"Immagini di Venezia negli anni Sessanta
di Gianni Berengo Gardin"

Running Exhibition from October 16th to November 22nd 2009
"Travels with Isabella. Travel Scrapbooks 1883-2008"

Running Event from febrauary to may 2009
"Dialoge Venezia 08 – Carlo Scarpa
a project by Sasha Waltz & Guest"

Running Exhibition from june 4th to september 20th 2009
"Mona hatoum
Interior Landscape"

Running Event from September 30th to January 11th 2009
"Giovanni Bellini - Medusa's chest"
Running Event from September 30th to January 11th 2009
"Giovanni Bellini - La Presentazione di Gesù al Tempio"

Running Event from December 13th 2008 to January 11th 2009
"Milo Manara: New Dreams"

Running Exhibition from May 25th to September 14th 2008
"Cromatic Diary by Maria Morganti"
Running Exhibition from May 25th to September 14th 2008
"The sound of the langiage by Mariateresa Sartori"

Running Exhibition from May 10th to July 13th 2008
"Jacopo Bassano. The rest during the escape from Egypt.
Back and rebirth. Venice 1612-2008"

Running Exhibition from november 17th to february 10th 2008
"Georges Adéagbo
“La rencontre”..! Venise – Florence..!"

Running Exhibition from March 24th to May 13th 2007
"Guido Cadorin 1892-1976"

Running Exhibition from May 21st to September 10th 2006
"I miti di Dürrenmatt
Disegni e manoscritti
Collezione Charlotte Kerr Dürrenmatt"

Running Exhibition from May 21st to October 15th 2006
"Resi Conto. Giuseppe Caccavale"

Running Exhibition till November 6th 2005
"James Luna

Running Exhibition from Martch 8th to May 8th 2005
"Remo Salvadori "L'osservatore non l'oggetto osservato" "

"His thought expresses a lay sacrality asserting the life positivism and the inner harmony between the living beings and the world which in his vision is inextricably material and spiritual. The artist aim is to underline energy units where the substance opens up and makes us aware of our life in this world". This is how Pier Luigi Tazzi defines Remo Salvadori work. An exhibition devoted to the artist has been set up at Fondazione Querini Stampalia. "Nel momento", is a work made of lead sheet which matches in an perfect way with the adjacent floor by De Luigi. "Continuo infinito presente", is another work made according to the circle work which stands in the entrance and which reveals an event, a sprout representation, the time theme that goes by relentlessly, the space harmoniously constructed around the works. Salvadori poetic shows an intimate link with nature elements like water, colour and metal.

Running Exhibition from Feb 3rd to 27th 2005
"People mover "

Venezia Funicolare terrestre per il trasporto pubblico di collegamento tra Piazzale Roma e il Tronchetto [[3 febbario - 27 febbraio 2005]] Il Comune di Venezia e l’ASM, Azienda Servizi Mobilità S.p.A., presentano alla Città il progetto People mover Venezia, la funicolare terrestre per il trasporto pubblico, con una mostra allestita negli spazi della Fondazione.

Running Exhibition from November 30th to January 9th 2005
"Entrambi luoghi Mostra fotografica di Margarita Andreu"

Exhibition on architiect Carlo Scarpa's restoring of Querini Stampalia. Pictures and documents.

Opening hours: 10.00/6.00 p.m.  Open till 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Closed on Monday.
Tickets: 6 €, reduced 4 €.
Phone: +39041-2711411


Running Exhibition from September 9th to November 7th 2004
"Stazioni. Luoghi per le città"

During the IX International Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale (Metaeventi Section) in the area called Scarpa of Foundation Querini, an exhibition dedicated to the four new High Speed railway stations has recently been opened. With this project, the Trenitalia group renovates its renowned tradition in italian railway architecture. You can view the Torino Porta Susa project of Arep-d Ascia-Magnaghi , the Florence Belfiore project of Norman Foster & Ove Arup , the Roma Tiburtina project of Paolo Desideri, the Napoli Afragola project of Zaha Hadid. These architects are the winners of the architecture international contests promoted by RFI and TAV in 2002 and 2003. Another thirty more projects made by architects who participated to international contests are present in the exhibition . You can see architectural works shown through multivisions , video sections and multimedial appliances. By means of these instruments the relationship between contermporary architecture , transport functionality, railway engineering and territory is highly emphasized. On the whole , the exhibition points out the role of the railway station that can be considered one of the ''non-places'' of our time , transit and exchange territory, and at the same time a place with a strong territorial and local identity, that is an architectural and technological entity related to the territory and the environment.

Opening hours: 10.00/6.00 p.m.  Open till 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Closed on Monday.
Tickets: 6 €, reduced 4 €.
Phone: +39041-2711411



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