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All the major running exhibitions in Venice commented by art critics working in Venice: exhibitions' reviews and information about opening hours, tickets' price and running period!

Palazzetto Tito - San Barnaba, Dorsoduro 2826 Venice

Piazza S. Marco - San Marco 71/C - Venice

Running exhibition from May 5th to October 4th 2015
"Peter Doig"

Big paintings beside small works, never exposed before, by Peter Doig. This is the first exhibition dedicated to the artist in Italy.

Running exhibition fro May 6th to September 27th 2015
"Sebastião Salgado. Profumo di sogno. Viaggio nel mondo del Caffè"

Running exhibition from December 13th 2014 to January 11th 2015
"98° Collective Young Artists"

As every year it comes back in december the Collective for Young Artists in the space of Bevilacqua's Gallery at San Marco, just for 4 weeks.

Running exhibition from December 2015 to January 18th 2015
"Winners of 97° Collective Young Artists"

Together with the Collective for Young Artists are presented at Palazzetto Tito the winners of the previous competition in 2013.


Running exhibition from October 30th to November 16th 2014
"Premio Stonefly Cammina con l’Arte."

The exhibition presents 12 artists who partecipated the the edition of the art prize Stonefly Cammina con l'Arte and its winner. For a little bit more than 2 weeks inside the Galleria at Piazza San Marco.

Running exhibition from june 6th to October 12th 2014
"Hiroshi Sugimoto. Modern times"

Works by Hiroshi Sugimoto (1948, Tokyo, Giappone) realized for the XV Biennal of Architecture of Venice are presented here for the first time.

Running exhibition from June 6th to october 5th 2014
"Axel Hütte. Fantasmi e realtà"

An exhibitino presenting the pictures made by Axel Hüttle who inspired himself thorugh the particular architecture of the nobles palaces facing the Grand Canal.

Running exhibition from May 9th to 18th 2014
"Outboard Swaddle (Studies from Venice)"
Running exhibition from May 1st to 25th 2014
"Handle with care - Progettare e conservare l'arte pubblica: giovani artisti italiani e sloveni a confronto"
Running exhibition from April 3rd to May 4th 2014
"In forma di ceramica - arte contemporanea dal Museo Carlo Zauli"
Running exhibition from March 20th to April 21st 2014
"Visioni per un inventario. Una mappa del navegar pitoresco"
Running exhibition from January 28th to February 2nd 2014
"Elvis has left the building"

Running exhibition from february 6th to March 9th 2014
"Atelier 2013"

Fot Atelier edition 2013 go into the exhibition the following artists: Amedeo Abello, Thomas Braida e Valerio Nicolai, il collettivo Cake Away, Lorenzo Commisso, Marco Gobbi, Andrea Grotto, Cristiano Menchini e Adriano Valeri, Dritan Hyska, Rachele Maistrello, Elena Mazzi, Corinne Mazzoli, Martin Romeo, Claudia Rossini, Špela Volcic.

Mostra in corso dal 1 giugno al 22 settembre 2013
"Beware of the holy whore: Edvard Munch, Lene Berg and the Dilemma of Emancipation"
Running exhibition from June 1st to Octobere 20th 2013
"Unattained Landscape - Paesaggio Incompiuto"
Running exhibition from March 28th to May 5th 2013
"Es ist verdammt heiss hier"
Running exhibition from March 23rd to May 5th 2013
"Moroso Award for contemporary art 2013: al via i 12 finalisti"
Running exhibition from February 7th to March 3rd 2013
Running exhibition from February 6th to March 10th 2013
Running exhibition from December 15th 2012 to February 22nd 2013
"96° Collective Young Artists
and winner of the 95° Collective Young Artists"

Running Exhibition from September 25th to October 20th 2012

Runnning Exhibition from July 27th to September 30th 2012
"Custodie Vuote. Mostra di Stefano Arienti"
Running Exhibition from June 23rd to September 25th 2012
"Prêt-à-livretUna passerella fuori porta
Runnning Exhibition from May 3st to June 3rd 2012
"Giorgio Guidi, Alessandro Laita, Marco Strappato, Diego Tonus"

Running Exhibition from April 4th to June 23rd 2012
"Doppio Gioco. L'ambiguità dell'immagine fotografica"

Running Exhibition from April 5th to June 24th 2012
"Decage decalage"
Running Exhibition from February 3rd to March 11th 2012
"Opera 2011. Lunar Park.
Artists from Bevilacqua La Masa's Atelier"
Running Exhibitinon from March 6th to April 15th 2012
"Me, You, He, She"

Running Exhibition from December 17th 2011 to January 22nd 2012

Running Exhibition from December 15th 2011 to January 12th 2012

Running Exhibition from November 19th to 30th 2011
"Following the step of Marco Polo
italian artists paint Hangzhou"

Running Exhibition from October 14th to November 13th 2011
Giovani artisti diplomati all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia"
Runnning Exhibition from October 14th to November 6th 2011
"In Deed
Certificates of Authenticity in Art

Running Exhibition from May 31st to September 25th 2011
"Enrico David - Repertorio Ornamentale"

Running Exhibition from June 2nd to September 25th 2011
"Xijing - Mostra organizzata da Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa e Arthub Asia, a cura di Beatrice Leanza"

MOSTRA in CORSO dal 30 marzo al 15 maggio 2011
"Pietro Giuseppe Tito - Sculture"
Running Exhibition from March 4th to May 1st 2011
"Where is my place?"
Works from Photography Collection of Cassa di Risparmio di Modena's Foundation
Running Exhibition from March 4th to May 1st 2011
"Where is my place?"
Opere dalla collezione di fotografia contemporanea della Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena
Running Exhibition from February 22nd to March 20th 2011
"Annual Exhibition 2010. Artist from Spinola Banna Foundation"
Running Exhibition from December 18th 2010
"93° Young Artists' Collective"
Running Exhibition from October 22nd to November 15th 2010
"Lucio Schiavon"
Running Exhibition from July 24th to August 9th 2010
Project by Nemanja Cvijanovic

Running Exhibition from August 27th to october 10th 2010
"A Ballad of the Flooded Museum"

Running Exhibition from may 28th to July 18th 2010
"Silvano Rubino. In equilibrio tra due punti sospesi"
Running Exhibition from August 28th to October 2010
Running Exhibition from April 11th to May 16th 2010
"Common ground: projects for the lagoon
Progetti di Marjetica Potrc e Marguerite Kahrl"
Running Exhibition from July 25th to August 8th 2010
"Art Enclosures III"
Works by artists of Art Enclosures
Running Exhibition from February 5th to April 5th 2010
"Jim Hodges. Love, eccetera"
Running Exhibition from February 2nd to 15th 2010
"Suspense - Collective by young artists"
Running Exhibition from October 16th to November 8th 2009
"A Camel is a horse designed ......"
Artists from the Foundation Ratti
Running Exhibition from October 8th to December 6th 2009
"Migropolis. Venice/Atlas of a Global Situation"
Running Exhibition from October 8th to December 6th 2009
"Migropolis. Venice/Atlas of a Global Situation"
Running Exhibition from October 16th to November 8th 2009
"A Camel is a horse designed ......"
Artists from the Foundation Ratti
Running Exhibition from May 29th to September 20th 2009
"Anton's Memory by Yoko Ono"
Running Exhibition from June 1st to September 20th 2009
"Fata Morgana - Rebecca Horn"
Running Exhibition from April 4th to May 3rd 2009
Running Exhibition from April 18th to May 17th 2009
"Mattotti and Venice
Digging in the water"
Running Exhibition from November 30th 2008 to January 16th 2009
"William Kentridge"
Running Exhibition from November 30th 2008 to January 16th 2009
"William Kentridge"
Running Exhibition from September 13th to november 16th 2008
"Turbulent Topologies - Mostra di Marcos Novak"
Running Exhibition from May 31st to September 14th 2008
"Gregor Schneider - CUBE VENICE"
Running Exhibition from May 9th to July 30th 2008
"Victor Burgin"
Running Exhibition from december 8th to january 2008
"91° Collective"
Running Exhibition from April 26th to May 20th 2007
"Strip comics - Personale di Alvise Bittente"
Running Exhibition from May 2007
"Yasumasa Morimura"
Running Exhibition from April 20th to May 21st 2007
"I love Tourism"
Running Exhibition from Feb 2nd to March 30th 2007
"Pierre Klossowsky"
Running Exhibition from december 2nd 2006 to january 8th 2007
"90° Collective"
Running Exhibition from June 16th to October 15th 2006
"Thomas Ruff"
Running Exhibition from March 22nd to April 1st 2006
"City of walls, city of people"
Running Exhibition from december 4th 2005 to january 9th 2006
"89° Collective"
Running Exhibition from JUNE 8th to OCTOBER 3rd 2005
"Karen Kilimnik"

Running Exhibition from october 15th to 31st 2005
"Traffic Zone in Venice - Young Artists from Trentino"

Running Exhibition from June 8th to October 3rd 2005

At Galleria di piazza San Marco, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa devotes and exhibition to Lucy and Jorge Orta, founders of Studio Orta in Paris in 1991 and the Dairy in Marne la Vallè in 2002, two research and cooperation centres for the administration and production of art works, publication, workshops, and seminars. The exhibition, which takes place in Venice, is mainly about water shortage as a natural resource and about the problems and consequences that might arise from privatisation and control of water such as the possibility for everyone to have access to it. "Unità Mobili di Intervento" and a series of installations from the collection and distribution of water will be present at the exhibition. A practical demonstration of their functionings will take place at Biennale The artists in fact will create a symbolic system of filtration and purification of water in order to transform Canal Grande water into drinkable water put into bottles and ready to be drunk and handed out at the summer Venetian exhibition. Lucy Orta, was born in England in 1966, got a degree in fashion design. Since the ninetees she has been very active highlightening crucial themes like community and social drop outs phenomenon , the abode, mobility, supported development and recycling. Jorge Orta, was born was born in Argentina in 1953, has studied fine arts and architecture. During the military dictatorship in Argentina, Jorge has developed many visual alternative and avant-garde forms of communication such as mail art and video-installations, performances and big size ephemeral works. Since then he has created a unique type of public art through the cooperation with local communities and by collecting signboards and contextual images to be projected about legendary and urban places of cultural and ecological importance.

Running Exhibition from December 12th to January 10h 2005
"88° Collective Exhibition"

The annual exhibition dedicate to all young artists who have been collaborating with Bevilacqua Foundation that has been always promoting young talents during its entire history.

Exhibition from Janury 20th to April 4th 2005
"Philip-Lorca di Corcia Photographs 1975-2003"

"Photographs are anti-events not only becouse I think they are an interesting matter but also becouse I want to do away with the photograph allure: the offer of a second-hand experience. Only those who deceive themselves think that objective reality can define what is real. I don't propose my work as an advanced definition of reality(..).I'm simply aware that what we see in this world is deceptive. I'm interested in society in general(…). The road doesn't lead people to share the knowledge of themselves. People seem to withdraw into themselves, less and less conscious of what surround them". (Philip-Lorca diCorcia, 1997),

These are the words used by the american artist Philip-Lorca di Corcia (1953, Hartford, Connecticut), to define the sense of his work. A personal exhibition, which takes place at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, is devoted to him with strong references to the main masters of author photography such as Robert Frank, William Egglestone, Lee Friedlander and Robert Adams. The city with its nuances, its contradictions and its charachters is the central theme of Philip-Lorca photographs. Street photography infact shows the human and subhuman face of European and American metropolis with its alienations and its alienated people and it is sometimes the protagonist or the cause of actions produced by man with more or less awareness. We find on display a Storybook Life, which is an important part of this personal exhibition since it tells of a period of 25 years of the artist's life where private life and non private life merge and mingle, where art and life overlap and mix up. His seventysix photographs taken over the period 1975-1999, portray his friends, his family, his journeys, but above all his life with its lights and shades, its joy and its sorrow and which make the present a constant source of inspiration. All these themes are present in his serial works produced from the end of the eighties up to now such as Hustlers (1990-1992), showing the life of young street boys taken in Hollywood, Streetwork (1993-1998) and later on, Two Hours (1999) and Heads. The exhibition curator is Filippo Maggia and the exhibition is organized in cooperation with Whitechapel Gallery, London, and with the participation of the Centre Nationale de la Photographie in Paris (now part of the new Jeu de Paume); Folkwang Museum in Essen; Magasin 3, Stokholm Konsthall e Centro de Artes Visuais di Salamanca.

Running Exhibition from September 11th to November 8th 2004
"Emmanuel Babled Toys Unit, megalit, genetic"

A personal exhibition, devoted to the glass designer Emmanuel Babled (1967), one of the most important and internationally well known artist of our time, will be held in the showroom of Palazzetto Tito in Venice. The works belong to a series, the title of which is ''TOYS'', made exclusively by the famous glassworks firm VENINI. Three different type of objects are on display. Although they are aesthetically and formally very different one from another, they have all been made using the old way of making glass but with particular attention to contemporary culture. The series known as Genetic has references to the fast genetic evolution : veins, arteries, body organs that can take the form of human intervention . The series known as Unita' has a constant reference to architecture, namely to the artificial structures that man create to hold itself : even a building is like a pot , a machine that garantues a flux of way in and way out presences. The series known as Megalit shows the ''pot idea'' in its size limit and in its semantic revisitation. This exhibition shows the great capacity and modernistic refined way used by Babled in working such a difficult and fragile material as glass.

Running Exhibition from September 10th to November 8th 2004
"Moreno Gentili Mutazioni tecnologiche"

The personal exhibition dedicated to Gentili Moreno, has recently been opened at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, in the Piazza S. Marco seat. The exhibition called Technological mutations sums up the subject matters of Gentili's art, namely technology and even its most obscure and unknown aspects such as production mechanism and its other unclear implications. The entire work of the artist , of which we can view the works made in the last ten years, spans from fotography to visual art. The exhibition is divided into 3 sections : the first one is devoted to pictures taken in Porto Marghera industrial area in 1991; the second part (1992-2004) consists of industrial processes pictures like metallurgical and chemical ones biological research and arm industries. Pictures of dangerous and remote areas , taken by the artist who had often to disguise himself in order not be identified. The third section has been started in 2001 and will be concluded in 2006 with a book the explicative title of which is DO NOT CROSS and that will be presented at the Mantova literature festival. The project, which represents a chart of Europe residual green area, is a manifesto against the fierce deforestation of our territories, although the artist doesn't take into consideration the contradiction between human evolution and nature and species survival induding human being.


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