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Venice is a particular city,
rich of curiosities to be discovered...

Walking in Venice could become a trip in the special history of this amazing city! Possibility is given by reading of "nizioleti", where the place names of Venice are written. In this way "calli", "campi" and "fondamenta" tell anecdotes coming from reality and legend that normally escape tourists.

Riva dei Sette Martiri / Shore of Seven Martyrs - Sestiere di Castello

During the last world war, many Germans ships moored along this shore. In 1944 (Germans were fighting against Italian partisan), a sentry on duty disappeared during the night. The day after, the German command took seven people from the prison and shoot them in this place in front of many Italian males. It was the 3rd of August, some days later the body of the sentry was fished out of the lagoon where he felt becouse completely drunk!

Calle de la Fava / Broad bean calle - Sestiere di Castello

In this evocative area of Venice, there are a bridge, a "calle" (Venetian way), a "campo" (little square) and a church (let's view the section photo tour) dedicated to the broad bean. The reason of this name is obviously depending on the kind of commerce that here flourished during the age of Serenissima Republic. Once Venice was packed of factories, and each part of the city was distinguished by a kind of trade. Nothing remain of this trades but the place names.

Photo of Ponte delle Maravegie

Ponte delle Maravegie / Bridge of the wonders - Sestiere di Dorsoduro

Legend tells about a family that used to live in the palace near the bridge. There were seven sisters of amazing beauty, all but one who was really ugly and sad for this. But a starry night a young man who loved one of the beautiful sister, saw seven stars in the sky. All of them were shining, all but one that was faint. In that moment it happened a miracle and the faint star became the brightest and so the girl became the most beautiful of the sisters. The man chose to marry the girl and...

Photo of
Sotoportego del Casin dei Nobili

Sotoportego del Casin dei Nobili / Underpass of the Nobleman's Casino - Sestiere di Dorsoduro, S. Barnaba

Once here was open a Casino to the nobility. But gambling wasn't the only activity of these places, one of the others was prostitution and so casinos became something different as long "Cosiglio dei Dieci" decided to close them in the XVI century. Obviously Casinos remained open and the rest is modern history.

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